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Filmmaking 101 - What Does a Producer Do?


Movies are entertaining. That's what the critics say, as well as the audiences. Movies are like melodramas. They are supposed to be entertaining, right? And the best way to keep your audiences entertained is through the magic of a good screenplay and the talent of a good director. Well, let me tell you how to direct a movie - from the perspective of a producer.

First, you have to know your job title. Your job title is the one who will be credited as the producer in the movie. You are also the one who raises the money needed for the movie to be made. If you're the one who does the writing, screenplays and directs, then you are the credited writer and director. If you are the producer, then you are the one who goes to film studios to pitch the idea of making the movie. As a producer, you are mostly in charge of making sure that you can make the movie happen.

Second, what kind of movie are you making? Do you want it to be a comedy, action, drama or a musical? The kind of movie genre that you are working to determine the kind of producer that you should be. For instance, if you want to make a comedy, then you should know more about the cinematography. On the other hand, if you are making an action-filled movie, then you should have enough knowledge about the directing.

Third, look into the departments to which you are assigned. Do you work with the film crew, the costume designer, the editor, the location scout? Each of these has their own distinct job description, so you should learn each of their names. It is essential to know your department's because you will be responsible for the production's production manager and director. This is actually the head of the production and is in charge of all the things that will ensure the movie's success.

Fourth, check out the post-production work. On the movie set, the director will direct the shooting, the filming will take place, the photography will take place, the editing will take place and the sound editing will take place. You will be the one responsible for supervising the post-production process as well. You will also be the one supervising the editing, the music and the special effects.

Fifth, think about the different types of responsibilities that you have as a producer. Basically, there are four different types of responsibilities that producers can have. First is the executive producer. This is usually the one who has the most power in the filmmaking process. He or she is the one who picks the director and the producers and makes sure that everyone will follow the vision of the movie or show.

Second is the writer/co-writer. He or she is the one who writes the screenplay of the movie and is also in charge of editing the script. He or she is the one who will be working with the director to ensure that the movie is what he or she imagined it to be. The third one is the producer, which is the most important position. He or she is in charge of all the business aspects of the movie including the budget, scheduling, financing, cast and crew, marketing, promotion, voice-overs and more.

Lastly, there are the executives who will be involved in the actual production process. They are the ones deciding if the movie will hit the theaters or not. The executives are the ones in charge of handling the different aspects of the movie including the casting, directing, writing, editing, music and more. The producers are in charge of making sure that the movie is successful.

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